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 Abdul Malik  "Jaye Iqbal"

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Date of Birth:   March 1, 1951, Hyderahad (AP) India
1110 Secretariate Road, New Market, ON L3X 1M4
Tel #:  Mobile: 416-318-5540     Home: 905-868-9578   Work:  416-495-2701 x5233
            Fax:  416-495-2477              E-mail: taqiabedi@rogers.com



      Associate Pathologist, The Scarborough Hospital, Grace Campus, 3030 Birchmount
      Road, Scarborough, ON  M1W 3W3
      Member Canadian Writers Union


Worked approximately 30 years in different countries as internist, cardiologist and pathologist 


1975                    MBBS, Osmania University, Hyderahad, India
1987                    MSc, (Pathology) Glasgow University, Glasgow, U.K.
1995                    FCAP, Diplomat of the American Board of Pathology, USA
2001                    Fellow of Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons, Canada


Thesis approved for the degree of M.Sc (Pathology) in July 1987 by the University of Glasgow, Scotland, UK

Published abstract “The Value of AgNOR”s in liver tumours”, Journal of Hepatology, October 1989

Published distinctive case “Perforation of the Ileium Secondary to Enterobius Vermicularis”,

Modern Pathology, November, 1993 


More than 30 books are published.  The book titles are as follows:

      1.   Gulshane Roya,  published in Karachi, Pakistan
      2.   Joshe Maodat, published in Hyderahad, India
      3.   Shaheed, published in Baluchistan, Pakistan
      4.   Tajzeye Yadgare Anis, published in Delhi, India
      5.   Ramooze Shaeri, published in Lahore, Pakistan
      6.   Izhare Haq, published in Toronto, Canada
      7.   Inshaallha Khan Insha, published in Lahore, Pakistan
      8.   Uroosae Sukhan, published in Lahore, Pakistan
      9.   Iqbal Kay Irfani Zaweye, published in Lahore, Pakistan
      10. Mujtahid Nazm Mirza Dabeer, published in Lahore, Pakistan
      11. Musnuyate Dabir, published in Delhi, India
      12. Abwabul Maseb, published in Delhi, India
      13. Silke Salame Dabir, published in Lahore, Pakistan
      14. Mushafe Farsi, published in Delhhi, India


      15. Taleh Mehr, published in Lahore, Pakistan
      16. Kayenate Najm, published in Delhi, India
      17. Roop Kunwar Kumari, published in Multan, Pakistan
      18.  Adabi Mujeza, published in Multan
      19. Sabade Sukhon, published in Delhi
      20.  Galib Diwane Naat o Manqabet, published in Delhi
      21.  Mushafe Tagazul, published in Lahore
      22.  Taseere Matam, published in Multan
      23. Fikre Mutmayena, published in Multan
      24.  Durbare Risalat, published in Lahore
      25.  Najmi Maya, published in Multan
      26.  Dure Daryae Najf, published in Multan
      27. Zikrye Durbaran, published in Lahare
      28.  Huwal Najm, published in Multan
      29.  Qoshae Anjum, published in Multan
      30. Raveshe Inqalab, published in Multan


        Allama Iqbal Award of Excellence – June 29, 2003 by the Government of Ontario – Premiere Erine Eves
        Award of Outstanding Contribution to Literature from Multiview Bureau of Greater Toronto – Canada 2001
        “Writer of the Year” Award, Eastern News Canada, Toronto, Canada 2003
        Award of Distinguished Service and Contribution to Urdu Literature – Alligarh, University Alumni, New York, USA, 2005
        Award of Excellence – Shia Post Graduate College, Lucknow India, February 2003
        Fakhr-e-Urdu International Award – Urdu Markaz International – Los Angeles California, USA, 2004
        Award of Excellence for Literature and Research Work – International Literacy Council, Pakistan, 2005
        Award of Excellence – Ministry of Pakistan, Urban Board, 2004
        Award of Excellence – Idare-Faiz-Adab Washington, USA, 2003
        Best Critic Award – Peak Solutions Inc., 2005



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